Foundations of the Christian Life - Church Curriculum

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THEO Church Edition: Foundations of the Christian Life makes teaching theology easy and fun for school-age children with Theo the Animated Theologian who offers a rare combination — rich theological content and high entertainment value. Want to go deeper into the Bible while having fun at the same time? Volume 3 offers more of Theo and his mischievous friends as they explore foundations of the Christian life. Each engaging episode corresponds with a printable teaching plan that digs deep into God's Word while helping children know Christ and grow in grace. Theo is perfect for small groups or anytime you want a month long study for school-age kids!

5 Sessions:

  • A Day in Prayer (How do I pray?) Discover how Jesus teaches us to pray.
  • Abiding in Christ (How do I live more like Jesus?) Explore Paul's life and missionary journeys.
  • Light Unto My Path (How do I know what God wants me to do?) Josiah finds and obeys God's Word.
  • What Is the Church? Discover how God works through the church in Bible times and today.
  • The Good News! (Bonus session) Discover God's plan of salvation through John 3:16 and the story of the Philippian jailer.


  • 5 Printable teaching plans
  • 5 Animated videos
  • Helps kids explore foundations of the Christian faith in an easy and fun way
  • Printable lesson plans help leaders guide kids deeper into God's Word
  • Step-by-step instructions make this resource easy for leaders to use
  • Makes teaching theology easy and fun

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