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  • Light Unto My Path - Download


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After Luther and Belfry get lost in the dark without a flashlight, Theo tells them how the Bible is like a light in the darkness. The world is spiritually dark and without a light, we’d trip over spiritual obstacles and wouldn’t know which way to walk! Theo tells the story of how King Josiah brought God’s blessing to the nation of Judah by obeying the Holy Scriptures. The Bible is different from all other books because it is God’s very Word and shows us how to live.

Total Running Time: Approx. 11 mins.

Technical Specifications:

Format MP4
Codec H.264

High Def - 1280x720
Standard Def - 853x480

Subtitles English
File size

High Def - average 400Mb
Standard Def - average 120Mb