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Travel back to Bible times with Theo, a friendly Englishman, on a journey of faith as you read along to the story of Abraham. This delightful storybook app allows users to interact with the characters and their environments while learning about God’s Word. Touch censored animation, captivating videos and music transport kids of all ages to another world with Abraham and Sarah as they discover God’s promises for them!

Theo’s Interactive Storybook App shares the Bible story of Abraham, the father of all who truly believe. Our kind English friend, Theo, from the cozy Cotswolds narrates beautiful illustration and fascinating movies to teach the user what it means to have faith and a life dedicated to believing in the right thing.

Explore the magical storybook pages and discover God’s blessings right alongside Abraham and his wife Sarah. Gestures like tapping, dragging, tilting and rocking bring the pages to life as the user travels day and night through cities and seasons with Abraham and Sarah. 

Striking animation adds to the enjoyment alongside features such as:
- Interactive illustrations
- Engaging videos
- Secret hand and device interactions
- Multi-media learning

Theo is centered around adventures & teachings which aim to discuss doctrines of sin, God’s character, the Bible, salvation and godly living with fun and easy to understand illustrations that encourage children to learn more about the Christian faith. The Abraham Storybook app presents a multi-media approach to sharing the gospel message with warmth, humor and truth.

As a resource that can be utilized individually or in succession with other tools such as DVD series, curriculum, books and audio CD series, let Theo help you teach a faith that believes with God, all things are truly possible!

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