God's Grace (Volume 2) Home Edition - DVD

  • All DVDs are region 0 and can be viewed anywhere in the world. 

    With Theo, learning about God and who He's called us to be is easy and fun.

    Each lesson focuses on a spiritual topic that both entertains and teaches children about key aspects in the Christian faith.

    This DVD is multilingual (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Korean, Hindi and Japanese)

    • Lesson 4 - Armor of God
      approx. 10 mins.
    • Lesson 5 - Redemption
      approx. 10 mins.
    • Lesson 6 - New Birth
      approx. 9 mins.
    • Bonus lesson - The Good News
      approx. 5 mins.

    God's Grace (Volume 2) Home Edition also includes a special 16-page Parents Guide, a 3-Week Family Bible Study with

    • Scripture References
    • Family Activity
    • Discussion Questions
    • Nightly Devotionals

    Download Parents Guide
    Download Nightly Devotion Calendar

    Bonus Features

    • Theoʼs Fireplace
    • From Pencil to Pixel
    • Slideshow of Background Art
    • Overview of Shoebox Bible Theatre

    Armor of God

    Can you name all the pieces of the armor of God? In this episode, Theo gives us a lesson in what each of the pieces represents as well as how we can use them in our Christian life to fight against the enemy of our souls. In addition, we see that Luther and Belfry find themselves faced with a different kind of enemy, a sly and devious cat named Scratch.


    Redemption is an ancient word from the marketplace that means "to purchase something." In this episode Theo explains how our Heavenly Father purchased lost sinners through the death of His Son Jesus Christ. Once again, Luther and Belfry run into trouble with old Scratch, but Theo "redeems" his two little friends in the nick of time with an unusual piece of money.

    New Birth

    Luther and Belfry overhear Theo mention the phrase "born again." Curious, they listen to Theo talking about what it means to be born again spiritually. The Bible says that we are all born dead in our sins, but through our faith in Jesus Christ we are made spiritually alive...born again. Theo uses the story of Jesus and Nicodemus to explain what it means to  have a spiritual new birth.

    Total Running Time: Approx. 55 mins. 

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