God's Desire (Volume 5) Home Edition - DVD

  • All DVDs are region 0 and can be viewed anywhere in the world. 

    With Theo, learning about God and who He's called us to be is easy and fun.

    Each lesson focuses on a spiritual topic that both entertains and teaches children about key aspects in the Christian faith. 

    • Lesson 13 - Fruit of the Spirit
      approx. 11 mins.
    • Lesson 14 - Salvation
      approx. 11 mins.
    • Lesson 15 - Love Thy Neighbor
      approx. 10 mins.
    • Bonus lesson - The Good News
      approx. 5 mins.

    God's Desire (Volume 5) Home Edition also includes a special 16-page Parents Guide, a 3-Week Family Bible Study with

    • Scripture References
    • Family Activity
    • Discussion Questions
    • Nightly Devotionals

    Download Parents Guide
    Download Nightly Devotion Calendar

    Bonus Features

    • "Love Never Fails" Lyric Video
    • Conversation with Ellie Holcomb
    • Director Commentary with Mike Joens

    Fruit of the Spirit

    Luther demonstrates an “act of the flesh” as he bashes his thumb in the episode opener.  More bad behavior follows as he covets Belfry’s cheese, giving Theo an opportunity to teach a lesson on the Fruit of the Spirit.  He begins by illustrating some “humorous” acts of the flesh that humans often engage in, then he describes each of the spiritual fruits in the Shoebox Bible Theatre––love, joy, peace, and so on.  Luther and Belfry think they’ve learned the lesson, until they try to outdo each other with acts of “kindness.”


    Scratch the cat is at it again, chasing Luther and Belfry.  The mice escape onto a log in the river and think they’ve escaped danger until, plunging into the water, they are pursued by an even greater danger––a monstrous fish!  A nail-biting chase ensues, where it’s certain the mice are goners.  In desperation they cry out for Theo to save them, which he does, and uses the occasion to teach about Salvation.  In the Shoebox Bible Theatre section Theo takes us on a journey along the “Romans Road,” where we learn how to be saved.

    Love Thy Neighbor

    Luther and Belfry are happily enjoying their lunch when they are surprised by a food thief––a mangy river rat named R.W. Wigglesworth, Esq.  The mice don’t like river rats, because they carry...fleas!  Theo tells them that they should love their neighbor, even though we may not get along with them.  Yes, even rats!  Using Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan, he shows us who our neighbor is, and how we ought to love them as Jesus loves us.  Belfry takes the lesson to heart and gives Wigglesworth some of his cheese, an act of kindness that brings two enemies together in true friendship.

    Total Running Time: Approx. 42 mins. 

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