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What is the "Theo Church Edition"?

This 30 week church curriculum is based on the Theo Presents DVD series. It is geared toward kindergarten through third grade. Some of the topics covered are: obedience, forgiveness, justification, adoption, and salvation. Each topic is divided into two separated lessons. With the Theo Church Edition your students will have a well rounded knowledge of the Christian faith.

Beyond the Curriculum

Take-home materials will be included in each lesson for students to share with their parents at home. This contains a weekly devotional and memory verse, designed to remind students throughout the week about what they have learned.

Big THEOlogy
for Little Kids

The Theo Church Edition is designed to teach children foundational truths of the Christian faith. This is done by combining in-depth, easy to grasp Bible lessons with entertaining videos that will delight children of all ages. It is our hope that children will grow in their knowledge and understanding of God's Word, so that they will be equipped to advance the kingdom of heaven on earth.

  • 5 Age Levels: Pre K - Grade 3
  • Format: Age-graded
  • Scope & Sequence: 30 weeks
  • Length: 45-60 Minutes
  • Digital Copies: Yes