Through fun and engaging storytelling, Theo teaches children God’s word and how they ought to live in light of it.


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The Gift of Growing up in a Christian Family

June 24, 2015

The value of being raised in a Christian home is incalculable.  Children are a gift from the Lord (Ps 127:3).  So are godly parents.  Their worth is immeasurable.  From the moment a child is born, and even while a child is still in the womb (through prayer), godly parents have the opportunity to lead a child from spiritual death to eternal life.   What greater task, what greater joy! Leading one’s child to Christ is the primary objective for Christian parents.  It’s more important than taking your child to soccer practice, or to ballet lessons or ball games, or fill-in-the-blank.  It matters more than setting aside money for your child’s college education.  It’s the one task that God has commanded... Continue Reading →

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