Where else can I buy Theo DVDs?

Visit any of these retailers to find any of our Theo DVDs: Amazon.com, Family Christian Book Stores, Christianbook.com, Lifeway Christian Stores, Mardel Christian & Education. You can also Click here to find a Christian Retail Store Near You.

Where do I get the Theo apps?

Whitestone Media has two apps available through the itunes app store. The free Theo app, and the Theo Presents Abraham storybook app. You can download directly from the app store onto iPads, iPhones, or iPod Touches. More info here.

How to access my downloads?

To access your downloadable episodes, you must go to the link in your email once you have purchased your download. There will be specific instructions in the email to direct you to download your episode.

Where do I buy curriculum?

Whitestone Media has partnered exclusively with Lifeway Christian Resources to create Theo curriculum based on our Theo episodes. You can purchase our curriculum here on our site or through any Lifeway retail store or at lifeway.com.

How do I get my Theo episode download onto my mobile device?

You must first download your Theo download onto your computer. In order to watch your download on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch you must drag the download into your itunes account that syncs to your mobile device. Once you are able to view it in itunes, you can place it on your specific mobile device. You can find more info on Apple's website here.

Can I share my downloads with others by burning copies onto DVDs?

Theo downloads are not formatted to be watched on a burned DVD. They will only be viewable on your computer, mobile device, or home entertainment device like Apple TV.  U.S. copyright laws which are stated at the end of each episode prohibit the copying or transfer of Theo episodes, images, etc. to others who have not purchased.

What other Theo resources are available?

There are parent guides that are available free here on our web site. These parent guides have been provided by our partners in curriculum at Lifeway. These guides provide an extra resource to support the lessons in each Theo episode.

Are Theo episodes available in any other languages?

Yes, we have translated our first volume in the Theo series Godʼs Love into 6 additional languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese. The international version of God's Love DVD will be available soon.

What is the Buy 1 Give 1 Campaign and how can I participate?

Whitestone Media has partnered with Child Evangelism Fellowship® and their Boxes of Books initiative. Whitestone Media has chosen to donate one Theo DVD to a child in need for every DVD purchased by any customer. Any one can participate by purchasing a Theo DVD and Whitestone Media will gift Child Evangelism Fellowship® a DVD to distribute around the world. More info here.

Who is Whitestone Media?

“To him who overcomes, I will give a white stone with a new name written on it.” Revelation 2:17

Whitestone Media is a Christ-centered, animation studio committed to creating quality Christian animation. Our mission is to teach children Godʼs Word and how they ought to live in the light of it. Through our cartoons we hope to impact men, women, and children for Christ all over the world.