July 14, 2015

Through fun and engaging storytelling, Theo teaches children God’s word and how they ought to live in light of it.

Holding it all Together

 Contemporary Christian Mom photo by Lisa Joens

My Job

I have one of the greatest jobs on this earth. A job that is tailored exactly for me. One that allows me to reap the best benefits, and rewards. A job that brings much joy and responsibility. It can definitely be challenging, but I am provided with a major support system whenever I need it. So what is this amazing position? Can you guess? 

I'm a mom! 

Many times we hear that being a mom is the most thankless, tireless job there is. No pay with maximum effort. Moms may often feel mis-represented, inadequate, exhausted, or simply just trying to do the best they can to make it through the day. Although this may be true for me at times, I choose to see my job as a mom differently. I see it more as what I first described above: a privilege and an honor. The Lord not only choose me to be a mother, but provided me with the best help. He is there each step of the way, to walk along side me and help me do this job to the best of my abilities. 


God has entrusted me with these precious lives to mold and shape. With this comes great responsibility to guide these little ones to seek Him and grow in their knowledge and faith. So how does a mom find the right time for this in the midst of swim lessons, doctor’s appointments, birthday parties, and getting dinner on the table?

Easy…she doesn't. 

But through each day there are little moments that allow for God to shine through in what might seem like just a daily routine or activity. It could be as simple as singing worship music together in the car. Maybe reading a story from the children's Bible before naps. Praying together at bedtime and choosing specific people/things to pray for. Or simply just having a conversation with your child. 

As a mom, I am always looking for ways to speak about Christ with my children. However, it really is never something that I have to bring up. It naturally comes up because kids are, by nature, inquisitive. They are always wondering; Why? Where? How? It is fascinating to me that I can just tell my son something about the Bible or about Jesus, and he just accepts it. Childlike faith is such a wonderful thing to witness. It really puts into perspective all the complication that we adults put on ourselves.  

Prayer is Key

Beyond the daily activities, prayer is essential. Praying for my children daily is something that I have committed to since the day they were born. I pray for their salvation, for their futures, and for me to be able to guide them the best way I can. Not only does this benefit them, but it benefits my own walk and relationship with my Heavenly Father. I find that this is where I am humbled by my failures and struggles as a mom and where God is able to wipe the slate clean and say, “we start fresh in the morning”. 

There will never be a day where I will have it all figured out. I know that God knows that too, and yet He is continually molding and shaping me to be the mom that my kids need,  one day at a time. I often think to myself, isn’t it ironic how my Heavenly Father uses my own children to mold and shape me, in the very job that I am to be equipping and leading them to Him? 

Because He Loved Us

It's always amazing to me to look at my kids and know that the love I have for them can't compare to the love God has for us. He so desires to have a special relationship with each one of his children. And so as I strive to have a meaningful relationship with each of my children, I keep that thought close to my heart. He is my Father and he gets it.


Lisa Joens is the Associate Producer at Theo Presents. She and her husband Brandon work along side each other on the Theo Productions. She is also a mom to two wonderful little kiddos.

Lisa Joens