May 02, 2012

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Bold Prayers for National Day of Prayer

I often get uncomfortable when I hear speakers talk about revival in America.  I think “yeah it’s a good thing to pray for. But I don’t actually expect God to answer it.  It just seems so...impossible.”  My problem is, I’m not being a good historian.  I forget the many times that God accomplishes things in my life that seem impossible.  I forget about those in my loved ones’ lives.  I forget about the many great things He has done throughout history.  Things much greater than our request for revival.  

We need to be good historians.  We need to pray bold prayers because we worship a God Who has done, is doing, and will do things that exceed all that we can imagine.

Tomorrow (5/3/12) is National Day of Prayer.  At Whitestone Media we are honored to join the millions praying for our great nation. Here is a prayer written by Dr. David Jeremiah, we hope you will join us as we pray this prayer:


Dr. David Jeremiah – NDP Honorary Chairman

Heavenly Father, Every good gift and perfect gift comes from You.

You are a faithful God and Your mercy endures forever.

You have promised to bless the nation that trusts in You.

Our currency proclaims “In God We Trust,” but in our culture we are far from You.

In the words of the prophet Daniel, “We have sinned and committed iniquity, we have done wickedly and rebelled, even by departing from Your precepts and Your judgments.” We come before You once more, seeking Your forgiveness and mercy.

You, O God, are our only hope…

Hear our prayer and, for Your honor’s sake, shine Your face upon this nation.

Give our leaders the desire to seek Your wisdom and the courage to follow Your guidance…and watch over the men and women of our armed forces as they sacrifice for the cause of freedom.

We give You thanks for all You have done for us, and we earnestly pray that You will help us become, once again, a nation whose God is the Lord.

In the name of Your Son, and our Savior, we pray this prayer.


Michael Anderson