September 24, 2013

Through fun and engaging storytelling, Theo teaches children God’s word and how they ought to live in light of it.

The New Theo Home Editions

We created Theo with a simple vision - to Teach Children God’s Word.  It is still our vision and passion.

We recently celebrated the two year anniversary of Theo - September 13th - and in the course of this short time, we’ve thought of a way to build upon this vision, and to make Theo even better.  Today - September 24th, I’m really pleased to announce the new Theo Home Editions, which include a 16-page Parent’s Guide.  Our goal for the Home Editions, as with our ministry vision, is simple: to help bring families together to learn about God’s Word, and to have fun while doing so.

To do this we have written 12 lesson plans, or Parent Guides, which are spread over 4 DVDs.  These lessons deal with foundational topics of the Christian faith, such as: What is the Church? What is prayer? What does it mean to obey Christ? What does it mean to forgive? What does it mean to be justified? and many others.  As I've said, we’ve created these lessons to entertain children, but also help teach them these important truths.

How does it work?  After watching a 10-minute Theo episode, the Parent’s Guide helps children and families dig deeper into the lesson through fun family activities, scripture readings, and discussion questions.  Each lesson also includes six 2-minute nightly devotionals to help reinforce the lesson throughout the week.

Justification can seem like a scary word whether your 4 or 40.  But Theo and the new Home Edition helps to bridge the gap to make important Christian topics like justification easy and fun.

I invite you and your family to gather together to have fun learning about God’s word with the new Theo Home Editions as your guide.

You can purchase a DVD or download the Home Editions from our website.  They are also available at your local Christian bookstore.

God’s best.


Michael Joens